jeiLTran is a specialized company that provides translations such as patent documents and technical documents in the fields of mechanical, electrical, electronics, ICT, bio and provides optimized translation services in the field of Intellectual Properties and related technologies.  


 There is provided a translation and correction service based on BIG Data, capable of quickly and accurately translating source language of the documents into target language thereof using Big Data including sentences divided into minimum units, minimizing Human Error through review and correction, and then completing high-quality translation of patent and technical documents in a short period of time by real-time sharing and proofreading via cloud-computing.



 jeiLTran introduce Big Data-based patent document and technical document translation platform that completes high quality patent document and technical document translation in a short period of time via real time sharing and human error correction based on cloud computing.  Recently, economy and culture have become actively exchanged among countries.



 Therefore, there is a growing interest in overseas patent applications for protecting the intellectual property rights of companies and individuals in one country as well as other countries.  Intellectual property rights, including patents, are subject to the principle of legality that when one wishes to protect its rights to a patent in one country, a applicant should proceed with a patent application to the country in which the right is wanted to be protected.


 At this point, patent documents should be translated or written in a language of the country concerned and the application should be proceeded.  Documents such as patent specifications are written in a professional language that are not used in the general field.  Therefore, it is a necessary to be translated by an expert who has a major knowledge and patent background on a field of invention.


 However, there is a problem that it is difficult to find a professional translator who is skilled in the relevant language in the field of the invention to which the invention is applied and it takes a long time for the translation, so that a translation cost increases.


In addition, due to the characteristics of the patent specification in which specific terms and reference codes are repeatedly described, there is a problem that quality of translation is degraded due to occurrence of human errors such as mistype and misread by a translator.



 There is a problem in that translation may not be performed in consideration of a scope of the right in the characteristics of the patent specification in which the scope of right varies depending on the meaning of the word.


 In addition, consistency of the terms is required due to the characteristics of the patent documents, and there is a problem in that the use of the reserved words for the same terms may not be guaranteed in each sentence constituting the patent document.



In this regard, jeiLTran can provide the following effect by providing the improved platform to the problems.


First, a translator perform translation more accurately and quickly by using big data in which sentences divided into minimum units of patent documents in each field and the translations thereof are included.



Second, human error is minimized by review and correction, and thus quality of the translation can be improved.


Third, based on cloud computing, real-time sharing and proofreading can be completed with high-quality translation output in a shorter period of time.